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- Over 240 Years In The Making
- From Pen-to-Stage
- Covering 17 States & 17+ Genre's

Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit our organization exists to educate the public, preserve the contributions, while recognizing all who give and are giving of their talents to the music whose roots originated in the southern United States.



History is not just about preserving objects, it's about collecting and telling stories. The Southern Museum of Music research team's approach is to gain authenticity and less about personal views as we deliver one of the most comprehensive overviews of southern music heritage in the world.


An essential element of the Museum's mission, includes acquiring, conserving, exhibiting, and interpreting artifacts associated with southern music that preserves our collective past - thousands of objects, images and manuscripts, irreplaceable reflections of the social history and material culture of the music industry.


Do you have a personal treasure, a family heirloom or a collection of objects, documents or recordings that you think should be part of the Collection? The Southern Museum of Music provides the perfect opportunity for memorabilia to be treasured by the many viewers who will pass through our doors as your legacy.

Mobile Experience

Southern Mobile Museum® (semi-trailer) History delivered!  The Mobile Experience will tour the official 17 southern States, delivering history, music and art experiences. There is no better way to reach underserved audiences than to drive directly to them.


Our main objective is to engage visitors, young and old, in learning experiences to enhance their curiosity and interest with hands-on music and history interactions in our presentation rooms with professional musicians, artists, and educators. The SMOM Radio/Film/Production studio will give guest a live experience daily.


The Southern Museum of Music, strives to be among the nation’s dynamic music museums by exhibiting its permanent collection and special exhibitions on widely diverse subjects of the music industry in ways that combine the highest aesthetic standards with engaging and intellectually accessible presentations.


From "Pen-to-Stage" the museum will explore many aspects of the music industry recognizing the significant contributions of individuals who so often remain anonymous. Our mission is to also spotlight the pioneers that without fame or fortune contributed to southern music and its effects worldwide.


Our team features an elite group of world-renowned musicians, industry pioneers, and business leaders who generously donate their talent, expertise, and goodwill on behalf of the museum. They have helped develop or mission, concept, secure potential locations, and acquisition of memorabilia. We're grateful for their ongoing support..

Our Plan for Success!

"There is two kinds of music the good and bad. I play the good kind".

Louis Armstrong.

Planned Exhibitions

The Roots of Southern Music

Featuring Native American to Southern Hip-Hop, Gospel to Funk, explore the effects one Genre had on another.

World-Wide Impact

Learn how a six-year-old gospel singer from Cotton Plant, Arkansas and many others from the south impacted the music industry globally.

Spotlight Exhibit

Two changing exhibits will make the collection fresh and accessible to a wider audience. This will also enable particapation with the Smithsonian traveling exhibits program.

History of Music Theater

This mult-media experience will inculde music, video clips, photos and the produced History of Music show.

Legends of Southen Music

From the Godmother and Godfather of rock n roll to the queen of jazz many legends started in the south..

From Pen-to-Stage

Hit songs are essential for aspiring artist and the team of industry professionals needed to support the effort will amaze you.

Studio/Radio Experience

Guest can observe a full-scale recording studio and watch live broadcast of SMOM Radio® with plans for a SiriusXM Radio show.

Media Library & More...

We welcome visitors to research the museum's collection and archives or attend one of the scheduled educational series in our presentation room..

...with Traveling Exhibits!

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Type of Exhibits


The museum design from our concept through to a physical, three-dimensional exhibition will utilize the latest technologies for immersive, interactive experiences. The museum will continually be evolving to attract new and return visitors.

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History Time-line

All exhibits will be developed to display the genre historical time-line by incorporating visual identifyers showing ones impact on another.

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Wall Displays

With artwork, artifacts and historic documents on every wall the discoveries at every turn will pique visitors' curiosity and inspire a passion to learn more.

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IDonations, Joining the Developer's Circle or Membership call... (855) 766-6285.


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Featured Exhibitions (concept)

Two main rooms may focus on one artist, group, genre, theme or collection. Exhibitions may occur in series or periodically for loaned or traveling exhibitions.

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Interpretive Exhibitions (concept)

These exhibits are devoted to the southern music story where text, charts, memoribilia and interactive displays provide necessary explanation and historical referrence.

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Spotlight Exhibitions (concept)

Showcasing specific interest, trends, or specific aspect within the southern music industry. Plans are to emerse the musuem floorspace with varieties of these exhibits.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Southern Museum of Music is planned for opening in 2018. The purpose of this site is to introduce publicly our plans and welcome sponsorship and donation opportunities.

"The Southern Music Lounge at Pittypats Porch"

You are cordially invited to learn more about our exciting plans
Sponsorship & performance opportunities are available
FOR DETAILS PHONE: (855) 766-6285

The Southern Museum of Music® has begun a $5.5 million Capital Campaign to build and operate the worlds first and only museum and educational facility dedicated to Southern Music. As a registered 501(c)-3 nonprofit we are already recieving significant financial support from our founding Executive Board during the start of the campaign, but we need your help in reaching our goal and fully realizing the mission of the museum.

You are invited to become part of this distinguised program by joining the Developer's Circle. Comprised of diverse members, including performers from various genres, industry pioneers, music executives, community leaders, government officials, benefactors and entrepreneurs, this group of vauled advisors helps guide the museum's development, community direction, inclusive goal setting, acquisition of memorabilia, fund raising, music industry outreach and more.

Whether you're interested in participation within the Developer's Circle, artifact loan/donation, contributions, sponsorship opportunities, membership support, or you have questions about our program... just call us (855) SMOM-ATL "766-6285".

or click the button to learn more about our team and support opportunities!


We're not the only ones excited about our new museum!

... see what others have to say

What our Supporters Say!

Looking forward to particapating on the Artist Advisory Board and contributing towards the success of a museum dedicated to southern music heritage.

image01Taylor Hicks | Artist/Professional Musician - American Idol season five winner

What our Supporters Say!

When Phil Spector discoverd our group in the 60's I had no idea that our music would become part of music history... and forty plus years later I would have the opportunity to contribute in the Southern Music legacy. I encourage fellow artist and musicians to particapate and add to the museums success.

image01Dolores "Dee Dee" Kenniebrew | Artist/Singer & Manager - The Crystals

What our Supporters Say!

Music has always been an essential part of my life and as a pioneer, within the disc jockey industry, I look forward to representing my industry and contributing towards the success of the museum in anyway.

image01William Rader (aka Professor Jam | DJ & Founder - CPS Summit & iJam Productions

What our Supporters Say!

My political career spaned four decades including wonerful projects like the 1996 Olympic Games as the Director of Local Government Relations. After many decades, in the public sector projects, music and its history has always intrigued me and I'm honored to be on the team and enthusiatic as we bring to the world a great new museum.

image01Greg Pridgeon | Executive Chairperson - Southern Museum of Music